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Blogs & Monetizing Blogs

Think you don’t need to blog? Think again

There are many theories on how many words a blog needs to be and how often you are supposed to blog. A good start is to … just get started. Pick a simple topic related to what you do and start writing – three short paragraphs. It should take you no longer than one hour. Still sounds too much? We can help.

Blogging can add an increadible amount of valuable content to yor website (if done rightly) and will improve you website rankings tremedously.


Blogging is one of the cheapest ways to get ranked. We will teach you how much to write and how often, how to pick a blogging topicresearch your keywords and key phrases, how to put it all together and implement your keywords. Easy.

Monetizing Blogs

While you are blogging why not earn a little extra cash on the side? It’s easy to integrate affiliate links into your blog posts and earn money on the side. We’ll teach you how.

Keyword Optimization for Blogs

For blogs, especially monetized blogskeyword optimization is even more important. As they say ‘content is king‘ and you will need to do diligent research about the topics you are writing about and keywords and key phrases that support that topic. It’s not rocket science – just Google science :).

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