Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog!

Think you don’t need to blog? Think again.

There are many theories on how many words a blog needs to be and how often you are supposed to blog. A good start is to … just get started. Pick a simple topic related to what you do and start writing – maybe about how you got started or what sets you apart.

Rule of thumb for writing blog content: a minimum of 500 words or about three short paragraphs. This should take you no longer than one hour or so.

Remember that you write blog content not only for your readers, but primarily write blog content with targeted keywords for non-other than Google. This will build ‘authority’ and show Google bots that your are an expert in your field and committed to what you do. So, post regularly and keep it related to what you do.

Blogging will add a tremendous amount of value to your website and will improve your Google website rankings over time.

Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog!

Blogging is one of the cheapest way and most effective way to move up in Google search results.

  • how much to write
  • how often to post
  • how to pick a topic
  • how to research keywords and key phrases
  • how to put it all together
  • how to implement keywords

Optimizing Blog Content for Google

Keyword optimization is important when it comes to blog content.

As they say ‘content is king‘ and you will need to dilligently research the topics you are writing about and find keywords and key phrases that support that topic.

It’s not rocket science – just Google science :).

Money, Money, Moneytizing Your Blog

While you are blogging why not earn a little extra cash on the side?

It’s easy to integrate affiliate links into your blog posts and earn money on the side. We’ll teach you how.

Have fun with your blog!

Write & Share. Lots & Everywhere.