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Mobile Responsive Website Design

Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

If you already have a website look at it on your phone or tablet – is your website adapting to the smaller screen size nicely and is everything easy to read? No? If your website is compressed into a little stamp-size and you are pinching your screen to zoom in and out your website does not have a mobile responsive website design. More people are now browsing the web on mobile devices than desktop computers, so it is extremely important for your website content to load fast, and is easy to read and navigate. To avoid losing clients and customers you may want to think about having your website rebuilt.

More people are now browsing the web on mobile devices than desktop computers.

Mobile Responsive Website Design

We want your site to function properly and look great on all desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Our websites are not only mobile-friendly BUT mobile responsive meaning that all the individual parts of your website like navigation menus, text, and images arrange themselves in a manner so they can be viewed on any device – no finger pinching required – just scroll up and down on your mobile phone or tablet.

Multi-Browser Optimized Websites

Your website will be multi-browser optimized and display properly on all popular web browsers like Google, Safari, and Firefox.

Free Websites Evaluation

We are happy to evaluate your website for free to see how it stands up to today’s standards and requirements – especially Google’s who seems to be THE search engine most people opt for. If your website is a few years old and may appear mobile responsive there are a lot of things that have changed over the past few years. If your website in not truly mobile responsive your website may be ‘punished’ by Google with lower page rankings.

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