Got an iMac? You Need This Dust Cover/Desk Organizer

Plume is a dust cover for your iMac which slides over the top of the screen protecting your iMac screen from dust and grime keeping your desk neat and organized while leaving webcam spies in the dark.  

I made these covers a couple of years ago simply because I could not find a screen cover that would stand up to my expectations. I wanted to cover that big black ‘hole’ when my iMac was not in use and also store my keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and (work) iPhone.

I’m quite resourceful so I made myself a cover – and because it worked so amazingly I made a few extra. Quantities are extremely limited! The covers can also be purchased on Etsy, however, you will be paying $10 more per cover.

What are the iMac dust covers made of?

Plume iMac dust covers are constructed from 2 layers of soft cotton fabric fused together to give it a nice, stiff feel – kind of like a new cotton placemat.

The back piece that slides over the top of your iMac screen is a bit wider towards the bottom to accommodate the curved design of the 2nd generation iMac (starting in late 2012). This cover will not fit the thicker design of the 1st generation iMac.

Plume iMac dust covers are available with or without storage pockets, but quantities are extremely limited.

They were handmade by me right here in Sacramento, CA, with only the highest quality materials.

Designed With You In Mind

With a minimalist yet modern design the Plume iMac Dust Cover blends seamlessly with your home or office environment.

Geometric and abstract shapes combined with retro-modern colors are fun and simply go with everything. Think minimalist capsule wardrobe for your desk.

“Very nice screen cover! I love it. It’s very well made and much prettier in person. Great shop owner with great communication! I highly recommend this shop.”


– Gina 4.02.2020


Plume Keeps Your iMac Screen Clean

The Plume Dust Cover will help to keep your Apple iMac screen free of dust for weeks at a time between cleanings.

iMac screens can be finicky to clean and using chemicals is absolutely not recommended. So why not keep your iMac screen cleaner (much) longer to begin with?

Dust particles like skin, pet dander, cooking grease, fabric fibers, etc., are in our air settling on everything around us 24/7.

Protect your iMac during the time it’s not in use (evenings, weekends) with a dust cover that beautifully blends with your home or office environment while keeping your desk neat at the same time.

Plume Keeps Your Desk Neat And Organized

The Storage Pockets comfortably hold your Apple Magic Keyboard, Apple Magic Mouse, and one more item like an Apple iPhone or external drive.

Storage Corners

The Storage Corners lets you hang Plume off the back of your screen. It’s out of your way, reminds you to use it, and ventilation is not affected.

Storage Pockets

The Storage Pockets comfortably hold your Apple Magic Keyboard, Apple Magic Mouse, and one more item like an Apple iPhone or external drive.

(Stylus) Pen Tab

The Pen Tab keeps your (Stylus) pen at hand and in sight at all times. Upside down or downside up.

Plume Keeps Webcam Spies In The Dark

The Webcam Spy-Cover blocks the built-in camera of your iMac to prevent uninvited guests from spying on you and your family – day and night.

A piece of tape is certainly the easiest and cheapest way to block uninvited guests from spying in on you and your family, but is it the most attractive solution?

Plume’s built-in Webcam Spy-Cover blocks your iMac’s camera lens. It can easily be tucked behind the screen when using your camera to talk to family and friends and moved right back into place when you are finished.

Care for your Plume iMac Dust Cover

Do Not Wash!
It will come out wrinkled and about 15% smaller – there is no going back.

Spot-clean or Dry-clean only!

Roll – Do Not Fold!
Use the storage corners to hang your dust cover off the back of your iMac. Roll the cover if hanging is not an option.

Can be steam-ironed
on the cotton setting to revive the dust cover’s original look and feel.