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5 star rating
She is the best, and I would not go anywhere else! Alex and I met two years ago, and she helped me built a brand new website from scratch. I loved the design, and the look of our new website and I can't thank her enough. Anytime we need some changes to the website, she gets it done within a day! She's the best, and I would not go anywhere else for web design.
Smart, Trustworthy, and Creative My partner and I opened a new law firm in San Francisco and needed someone to help us set up a website. I cannot praise Alex enough for her kindness, patience, and responsiveness. We are incredibly grateful to Alex for helping us and making this process enjoyable. I highly recommend Alex!
Kimberly Elizabeth Lewellen
Lewellen | Strebe Family Law Group, Lewellen | Strebe P.C.
5 star rating
Amazing service! If you need a website, I recommend Alex @ VIVIDDD I have worked with many website creators, but Alex is something else. Very patient, informative, and makes the entire process so stress free. Thank you Alex for everything.
Shunt O.
5 star rating
If you are looking for a dynamic online website presence for personal or business needs, Alex with VIVIDDD Design and Development is a perfect choice! When I first met Alex to talk about the individual needs of my business (, I was impressed with her thorough knowledge and understanding of developing, building, and implementing an online website presence that my customers could easily navigate through and love! I was amazed by her commitment and dedication to our project. She stayed in touch, understood our needs, and put it all together so beautifully! We have retained her as our web designer and developer to be sure things stay the way she designed it for us! She is definitely a gem, and we are very appreciative we found her. We salute her talent and ability to keep us ALIVE online! Thank you, Alex!
Jacqueline J.
Alex designed my website and was so easy to work with. She took exactly what I asked for and created a website that reflects my business and services. I wholeheartedly recommend VIVIDDD Design for all of your website needs
Nick Millan
5 star rating
Alex is a tremendous web designer. She has great sensibilities and knows how to create a beautiful and effective website. Also, Alex knows the design tricks to help attract prospective clients. Alex will help you with both structure and content so that you climb in the Google ratings. Once the clients come to your site, Alex will have created a beautiful platform that will make your clients want to interact and call you.
David F.
Alexandra will take your website from boring to remarkable. She is lovely to work with and has incredible website designing skills. She is capable of creating wonders for any budget so if you're just starting a business or looking to take yours to the next level VIVIDDD is a must!
Raft Rentals
Great company, Alex is an outstanding website designer! I would definitely recommend her to others.
David Devad
5 star rating
Alex is an awesome person to develop your website. She is creative, hard-working and will do a fine job for you to ensure your company is getting seen! When I don't know anything about making my site better...I ask Alex!
Harold N.
5 star rating
A very strong designer who knows what she's talking about. Highly recommend her.
Kale A.
I had Alex redo my website. She is incredibly talented but that's not why you should use her service. The reason you should use her service and have her construct or reconstruct your website is that you will get your investment back tenfold. After Alex redid my website my business turn from making money to simply a Money pump and It just keep pumping money! Alex is super professional and assertive at getting the project finished on time. I highly recommend VIVIDDD!
Tony Vivilacqua
5 star rating
We just had Vividdd redo our website from scratch. It works so much better now. It is extremely mobile-friendly now which has clearly made a difference in our gross sales. Alex is terrific! She puts her all in your project and was motivating for me which I really needed! I couldn't be happier.
Tony V.
5 star rating
VIVIDDD put together my website from beginning to end. Alex was great to work with and can lead you in the right direction. If you are starting with a blank canvas, it can be very confusing. Just have faith in Alex and she will get you to the finish line. I would recommend VIVIDDD to anyone. Check out our website if you like.
Bill C.
5 star rating
I have worked with VIVIDDD design - Alex Goedrich and I highly recommend them!!! I had an excellent experience. I am happy with the design of my business website. Alex gave me lots of ideas and constructive feedback on my website. It was a very smooth process that resulted in a great website with excellent SEO - search engine optimization. When people search for services like mine my company will easily appear on Google searches. I will work with Alex again!
Aglaia P.
5 star rating
Alexandra completed my website today. I'm very pleased!!!!! Today, shoppers want quick, concise information about who you are, what you do, etc., etc. Our websites have to answer those questions instantly or they will move on to the next business that does. Alex spent time with me at the beginning showing me mockups of what my website could look like. She was very helpful in helping me envision the possibilities. Alex possesses not only the technical savvy to design a website, but she has an artist's eye. She understands search engine optimization, user-friendliness, and utility, mobile accessibility. I particularly appreciated her responsiveness. We were able to confer back and forth easily and communicate effectively. I highly recommend Alexandra (Alex) to build your website, for a small or large business, needing eCommerce or not, Square or Word Press. Her prices are competitive and she provides a lot of service for the price. Lisa Ollar, Certified Shorthand Reporter, MOA Deposition Reporters
Lisa O.
5 star rating
Alex at VIVIDDD Design &Development is such a creative and thoughtful web designer. She has built my site as well as many of my clients' websites. She takes my clients' business concepts and their personalities and translates them to the web pages. Call Alex if you need a website.
Veronika M.
It has been such a pleasure working with Alex. I could have never in my wildest dreams believed I would have my own website! Alex made everything so easy for me. I gave her such a small amount of information and she was able to take it and go. It was almost like she could read my mind! She is so quick and efficient! If your looking for the best, look no further. Alex is a rare gem! Thank you so much!!!
Susan B.
I highly recommend Alexandra Goedrich at VIVIDDD design. She did a great job of listening to what was needed for our start-up company website and definitely exceeded our expectations. Alex was very professional, easy to work with and created a fantastic website that not only tells our story but also looks and works really well. The shopping cart is efficient and easy to use both for customers and our team.
Gregg C. A.