SEO Search Engine Optimization

Look Good & Get Found

Let’s face it – marketing and advertising costs can be outrageous. SEO Search engine optimization should be the first line of defense when it comes to keeping your online marketing costs low. It’s not only important to optimize your website content, but also your blog posts which can play an even larger role when it comes to search engine rankings.

SEO can be complicate and if done right needs to be monitored and adjusted over time. This it not what we do but we’ll get you started by renaming your URL’s, and image, and placing keywords in your navigation, headers and verbiage, and add custom META titles and descriptions.

The best marketing dollars are spent on posting blogs and strategically placing keywords and key phrases throughout your website i.e. SEO Search Engine Optimization.


Strategic Keyword Placement

Keywords and key phrases that target the content of your website will be placed in:

  • page URL
  • navigation links
  • page titles and sub titles
  • verbiage

Image (re)Naming

Bet you didn’t know that every image you place on your website gives you at least 4 opportunities to add keywords to your website.

We also resize your images so loading times on mobile devices are greatly reduced.

Always looking our for you…


META Titles & Descriptions

META titles and descriptions are what you see when Google displays your page on their search resuslts page.

If you see text that doesn’t make sense it’s because the person buidling the website either had no clue or did not care