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Learn WordPress & Squarespace

You want to build your own website? Let us help!

Building your own website is super exciting, but will also be extremely time-consuming. Heck – it takes a long time even for a pro to build a website from scratch! And believe me, I’ve had to learn WordPress and Squarespace at some point as well.

Not only that: in 2001 I started an eCommerce store where I had to learn some coding, how to build and maintain a website, write meaningful blogs and the content, advertise on Google, implement and tweak SEO on thousands of products while running the website AND a retail location with employees….

We’ll help you skip right over long nights and weekends of fiddling and head scratching and get you working on your own, beautiful website the first day.

As entrepreneurs want to do things ourselves – I totally get it. I am one of those. May it be because a startup costs a lot of money and you want to save your funds for something else important or you are one of this people who wants to do it yourself – no matter the cost (like looong nights and countless weekends spent on fiddling with a website that may or may not ever get finished).

WordPress and Squarespace are two fantastic web development platforms that both offer a multitude of options to customize the look and feel of your website and countless plugins that can do just about anything you could possibly want and need. There are some important differences between the two platforms and depending on your company’s and personal needs and budget we can recommend either a WordPress Website design or Squarespace website design.

Learn WordPress & Divi

WordPress is the ideal web design platform and no matter what you do. A website built on WordPress can be customized and styled infinite ways. SEO Search Engine Optimization is in depth and will give you superior ranking results in Google. Features like social share buttons, appointment apps, image galleries, blogs, WooCommerce, customer reviews, and so much more can be added at any time. A WordPress website design is by nature quite a bit more work to setup and build, but the results will speak for themselves. If given a choice always go for a WordPress Website Design.

Details & Requirements

  • Subscription to Flywheel – where your website will be hosted: $25/month
  • Subscription to Divi – most every theme worth using will cost you at least $60 so why not go with the best and most well documented and supported: $89/year
  • Cost of applicable plugins – we’ve done the research and testing for you and save you from frustrating plugin experiences: TBD (if necessary)
  • Our rate – we’ll teach you everything about WordPress and Divi and you can ask as many questions about anything website related as you like. You’ll also get chat support when needed: $50/hour or $225/5-hours

Learn Squarespace

Squarespace is ideal for many types of businesses – it features a clean and modern design and has integrated SEO Search Engine Optimization. It is easy to add blogs, events, image galleries, eCommerce and even email marketing at any time. A Squarespace website is inexpensive to host and easy to maintain and update. If you are an individual, small business, blogger, band, artist, consultant, or other small business owner a Squarespace website design may be ideal for you.

Details & Requirements

  • Subscription to Squarespace – choose from 4 different subscription options: from $12/month (save 10% through VIVIDDD if paid annually)
  • Our rate – we’ll teach you everything about Squarespace and you can ask as many questions about anything website related as you like. You’ll also get chat support when needed: $50/hour or $225/5-hours

Not sure yet?

Just in case you are not quite ready to jump in yourself check out our WordPress  and Squarespace design pricing.

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