WordPress Website Hosting

Secure. Managed. Archived Backups.

Managed Website Hosting

We offer managed Flywheel WordPress website hosting and monthly archived backups. And we even throw in a FREE SSL certificate!

Why Flywheel? Because accidents can happen: failed plugin updates, hacking attacks, outdated PHP and WordPress, malware, and accidental changes and deletions (to name a few).

Monthly Archived Backups

Depending on the website hosting service you are currently using you may have rolling, 30-day backups in case something happens. But what if nobody notices for 31 days that you were hacked or your website is down? Then what?
*Retainer required

Website Maintenance Retainer*

After a website is built clients often forget that a WordPress website needs a bit of TLC every month to keep it safe and secure and protected from Malware. We offer a 5-hour retainer that includes monthly WordPress, theme, and plugin updates, end everything else you want us to update and improve on your website. Just email or text your changes and they will get done within 24 hours.

If you had the unpleasant surprise to waking up to a hacked website you know the value of secure WordPress website hosting and archived backups.


Managed WordPress Website Hosting

  • from $15/month
  • latest PHP
  • regular WordPress updates
  • 30-day backups
  • fast servers
  • Free SSL certificate
  • phenominal client support

Wordpress Website Maintenance

Once a month we log into your website and update WordPress, your theme, and all the plugins.

We’d love to maintain your website for you.

*Retainer required

Monthly Archived Backups

Just in case something happens we backup your website every month and keep it in a safe place. (with 

How many backups of your website does your web designer have?

*Retainer required

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