Why Is There Such Resistance To Blogging?

Nobody likes to write stuff that nobody wants to read…but what about Google bots? They read EVERYTHING 24/7/365. 

Are you one of this people that doesn’t blog because you think nobody is going to read it anyways? That maybe so, but how about Google bots? They’d love to read your stuff (the more the better) – and boost your website rankings in return. Sounds like a good deal to me.

I’ve played this game many times:

Client: I’m not sure what to do for marketing. I’m thinking about buying keywords from Google and maybe some Facebook ads. What do you think?

Me: I think you should save your money and while I am building your new website you should start making a list of topics to blog about that relate to your business and start writing.

Client: I hate writing! And nobody is going to read it anyways…

Me: You don’t write for people (well, maybe a little bit), you write for Google and other search engines.

Google bots crawl your website on a regular base and take notice of new post blogs and other new content. Make sure you structure each new blog post around one topic and include targeted keywords accordingly.

Also, share your blog posts on social media. When people click on the links and go to your website you are starting to build ‘authority’ with Google.

More Authority = Higher Google Rankings.

Client: Yeah, well, that sounds like it will take up too much time and take way too long to see results.

Me: You don’t need to write a book’s worth of content every week. 500 words or 3 short paragraphs are enough to get you started. Granted 2000 words are better, however,  I’d rather have you post shorter articles more often than one long post once a year.

Over time blogging will raise your Google website rankings – permanently and for FREE!

Persistency Pays Off 

One amazing example of dedication and persistence is junkking.com. A ‘king’ indeed when it comes to content creation. Their website has hundreds of pages (if not thousands) on junk removal – no other junk removal company can rival their top Google rankings built slowly over time…

Write & Share 

This could be you! The ‘king’ of your industry. Write and post to your blog once a week and share it on your social media accounts.

Yes, it may take you a couple of hours in the beginning so pick a comfortable, quiet place and just do it. Once you start writing & ideas will flow and you just want to keep going.

You will get faster and more efficient and before you know it your website will rank higher and your phone will start ringing.

Spellcheck Much?

Me neither, that’s why I downloaded Grammarly. It’s a browser extension that checks your grammar and spelling – definitely boosts  your confidence in your writing abilities.

Short Paragraphs

Don’t overwhelm readers by posting one huge block of text. To make it easy for people to read your content keep paragraphs to 1-4 sentences max.

Add a Photo 

You won’t believe what a difference this will make, but add a photo to ever post. This will add a splash of color to your page and give the reader a ‘preview’ of the content.

To sum it all up:

  • Find a comfy place to write
  • Write with confidence – use Grammarly
  • Min. 500 words or 3 short paragraphs (but more is better)
  • 1-4 sentences max. per paragraph.
  • Add a photo
  • Post regularly
  • Share your post on all social medial accounts including LinkedIn
  • Check posts for comments and engagement count
  • Repeat. Every week.