Flywheel Managed WordPress Website Hosting

If you have a WordPress website I’m sure you’ve had to make this decision in the past (or maybe your web designer did): which hosting service is right for me?

What is web hosting? Why do i need it? And where do I get it? All your questions are answered here.

1. What is Web Hosting?

In the simplest words – web hosting is a service that allows you to post your website to the internet – it’s where your website ‘lives’. A web hosting server needs to be fast, up at all times, and updated with the latest version of PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) to allow for the best and most secure experience. Outdated PHP may make you website (a lot) more vulnerable to malware and hacking so make sure your web hosting company keeps their servers updated.

2. What is PHP?

PHP is a powerful, open-source language which is responsible for all processes that are involved with hosting and rendering your website, and keeping your website data safe.

  • PHP generates dynamic page content
  • PHP creates, opens, reads, writes, deletes, and closes files on the server
  • PHP collects form data
  • PHP adds, deletes, modifies data in your database
  • PHP controls user-access
  • PHP encrypts data

To summarize all the gibberish above: no PHP – no website.

3. What is Managed WordPress Website Hosting?

If you have ever had to deal with a cPanel you know how powerful it is – however it is a total nightmare for a someone who just wants to get their WordPress website up and running.

Managed website hosting makes posting your new WordPress website or blog not only super easy (or easier at least) it also comes with a whole bunch of perks that make sure your WordPress website experience is optimized not only for you, but most importantly for your website visitors.

4. Who offers Managed WordPress Website Hosting?

Just about every website hosting service out there offers managed WordPress website hosting at a wide variety of prices and services that may or may not be included.

Where to begin? GoDaddy, Bluehost, WP Engine, Liquid Web, …? Some of them will offer you a fancy package with stuff you will never-ever use or have a need for.

I like honesty, simplicity, and reliability and that’s why I choose Flywheel.

5. Managed WordPress Website Hosting with Flywheel

I’ve been hosting and moving my clients over to Flywheel since early 2017. With Flywheel you will have your own account and login so there is no mystery where your website is hosted and how much you are paying.

  • NO cPanel! You get an easy to use dashboard to manage your WordPress website
  • PHP is always up-tp-date
  • Fast loading times and reliable website performance
  • Auto-healing technology
  • Flycache – works with your theme for optimal caching
  • CDN for exceptional page speeds around the world
  • Malware protection and cleanup
  • WordPress updates – someone’s got to do it!
  • Automated nightly backups (for 30 days)
  • Super fast help if there is an issue of any kind
  • Last but not least – a FREE SSL certificate strong enough even for eCommerce website

6. What are the hosting packages Flywheel offers?

At this time Flywheel offers a Tiny plan ($15/month) and Starter plan ($30/month) for a single WordPress install.

Expensive you say?

Well, maybe a bit more that you would pay let’s say with GoDaddy, but have you ever spent 2 hours on the phone with GoDaddy trying to resolve problem that could have been fixed or never even occurred with Flywheel? How much does that 2 hours cost you?


Ready to migrate over to Flywheel?

No problem! A phone call or email gets you started with a brand new Flywheel managed WordPress website hosting account. If there are no issues with your current website the whole migrating process can be wrapped up on less than a day and for only about $125 (+ website hosting fees).