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Go Old-fashion – Send Out Cards

Let’s be honest – how many greeting and thank you cards have you purchased over the years only to tuck them into the bottom of a drawer 3 weeks after the event has passed? Don’t you get excited around your birthday or Christmas when hand-written envelopes are starting to arrive in the mail – filled with cheer and some even personalized with family photos and a special message just for you?

Now, imagine being a customer/client of a business and you receive a personalized card in the mail thanking you for your business, sending a referral, or simply extending a thank you for the opportunity of speaking with you. Wouldn’t you feel great? I bet you would remember that company.

Appreciation is the key to loyal customers and more referrals. Now, go ahead – send out a card.

Send Out Cards – Simple, Affordable, Priceless

There are thousands of pre-designed cards to choose from – or let us help design one just for your business. The options are endless: choose from post cards, 1- 2- and 3-fold cards, or even jumbo cards with a standard, pearl or satin finish – pick one and add your company’s logo, verbiage, or even your customer’s logo to stand out even more.

Send a card with the click of a button and watch your business grow. With super affordable plans that can be upgraded at any time as your card demand rises you can send a personalized card for about half of the cost (or less, depending on the plan) of one of those designer cards. You can simply not afford to not send out cards.

We help set up, design and even send out your cards for our standard retainer rate, but we are also happy to teach you how to use it at no charge.

I use it – my clients use it – and so should you.

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