Does My Business Need A Full-Blown Website?

A one-page, scrolling website or a cover page may be just what the web designer prescribed.

If you are a (very) small business and especially if you are just starting out you may have asked yourself this exact question ‘Do I need a website‘ and ‘How am I going to pay for it‘ (either hiring someone or the time it takes to do it yourself which is usually a lot more expensive in the end and may never get done).

In this day and age where Google will punish non-mobile-friendly websites every business is expected to have some sort of a web presence, and I’m not talking about a Yelp or Google Reviews page. You need an independent website with your domain name and all the information one needs to know about your business:

  • WHAT do you do?
  • WHERE are you located?
  • WHEN are you open?

And I want to be able to get that information on my desktop computer and mobile device.

A simple, one-page website or a cover page may just be the solution for your startup business. You can include your address, contact information, social icons, a brief description about what you do, a contact form, links to downloadable .pdf files, add a video, music or image gallery. Just like a ‘regular’ website, but smaller and at a lower price so every business can afford one.

Jessica Martinelli is a perfect example. I met Jessica a few weeks ago at an event I attended. She gave a wonderful presentation about her cake decoration and instructional events classes. She had business cards and a trifold flyer, but I did not see a website listed anywhere. Turns out Jessica’s concern was the cost of hiring a web design company and with her busy schedule she certainly did not have the time to do it herself. I suggested that maybe a simple cover page would be all her business needs for now and two weeks later was live. 

Please check out Jessica’s lovely business – she hosts cake decoration events for kids and adults in your home and she will bring all the baked goods and cake decorating supplies. She also bakes custom confections, makes custom decorations of all kind, and sews wonderful aprons which can be purchased at her Etsy shop. If you can ‘pin’ it Jessica can make it.